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Matthew Prinn

About Matthew

Matthew Prinn is a business development professional with nearly 20 years of experience driving revenue growth in the professional services industry. Matthew Prinn graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Boston College Carroll School of Management with a double major in marketing and accounting.

Following graduation, Matthew Prinn packed all his belongings into an old beat up Nissan Altima and drove 3,000 miles west with no job, no money, and no place to live, but with a dream to enter the business side of the entertainment industry. 

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Matthew Prinn started his career in the mailroom of J. Michael Bloom & Associates, a top 15 talent agency that focused on representing actors for film, television and theater jobs. The fast-paced, cutthroat environment of the entertainment industry was an ideal place to develop the orator skills needed to influence casting directors, directors and producers to hire our talent. Matthew Prinn progressed to the level of Junior Talent Agent before changing from selling actors to selling lawyers.

Matthew Prinn started his legal career as a marketing coordinator for Latham & Watkins, one of the world largest and most profitable law firms in the world with over 2,600 lawyers in 14 countries across the globe. After building a solid foundation of legal marketing skills, Matthew returned to the east coast to accept a business development position with Goulston & Storrs, a real estate focused mid-size law firm with international capabilities. This new role allowed for Matthew Prinn to learn about the latest business development trends and innovations from one of the industry’s leading CMOs. Following his time at Goulston & Storrs, Mr. Prinn worked briefly for a mid-size regional law firm, Robinson & Cole, where he led the firm’s efforts to increase the brand and recognition of the firm’s Boston office before being recruited to join the business development team for K&L Gates.

During Matthew Prinn’s time at K&L Gates, the firm grew from an east coast based firm of 800 lawyers across a dozen offices to an international powerhouse of over 2,000 lawyers in 45 offices across 5 continents with revenue of over a billion dollars annually. Matthew Prinn joined the firm as a manager and was promoted up the ranks until he reached the role of Director of Business Development. Mr. Prinn’s responsibilities included building and sustaining long-term relationships with key firm rainmakers by helping them to cross-sell and expand client relationships, implementing practice and industry group strategic business initiatives, using marketing content to identify key targets, and overhauling the firm’s pitch process to achieve better results and devising creative pricing structures with clients outside of the billable hour.  

While at K&L Gates, Matthew Prinn developed an expertise in Request for Proposals (RFPs) as the legal market evolved into using preferred panel providers as the favored process of hiring a law firm. Matthew Prinn oversaw hundreds of RFPs a year where he worked with senior partners to execute winning responses that generated millions of dollars in income for the firm.

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Mr. Prinn also acted as conference chair and presented on a variety of panels over the years at chapter meetups. Mr. Prinn is also a member of the Buying Legal Counsel trade group, where he has presented to members on best practices in drafting and executing RFPs. Additionally, Matthew Prinn has also presented on a variety of business development topics at Fordham Law School and at Emerson College’s Master's program. Matthew Prinn is also an author whose had multiple articles published in the “Seller’s Market” section of Lawyers Weekly which focused on best practices and obstacles to avoid in the professional services industry.

From the mailroom to the boardroom, Matthew Prinn has had a lot of fun. He has a passion for success and a drive to excel backed by old-fashioned hard work mixed with modern innovation and technology. Outside of the business world, Matthew Prinn enjoys spending his free time with his nieces and nephews and his Boston Terrier. He loves boating, New England sports teams, photography, and fitness. Mr. Prinn is also active in the community where he does community service events at places such as the Pine Street Inn and the Greater Boston Food Bank.